Birds observed in the region of La Vera, Extremadura, Spain

List of birds observed in rural Arroyoriquejo apartments in the district of Vera, in three days

The Kamasutra gite for couples, I have had the pleasure of staying two nature lovers, Fran, ornithologist or as he calls himself ¨ ¨ shinned and Gemma, his wife, biologist and aviary ¨
They have been since Sunday 3 August, 3 days. They came specifically birding in general and looking for a particular species. In march they have left me a list of the different species they have seen in 10 Ha estate Arroyoriquejo and around.
The farm has Arroyoriquejo rectangle shape. From north to south, the longest part is crossed more or less in the middle, by the stream Aliseda, named precisely bulky alders that thrive on its banks, and whose last refuge across the creek. It also has at its margins willows, scorpions, ash and other tree and shrub species. Aliseda flows into the throat Pedro Chate, in which the end point, also joins another stream that forms the southern boundary of the estate.
In the northern part which is where the apartments are located stuck with an artificial lake: The Castañares of 200 X 100 meters. Where soon we will enable a space to spy birds are attracted to the water body.
With so much water and vegetation around it is no wonder it is a great attraction for many species of birds. I, neophyte, could never imagine that inhabited many species around, but Fran, your expert in three days been able to locate 55 species eye.
Here’s the list: In stressed most significant species
1 Heron: A couple on the lake The Castañares
2 Black Stork: an adult bird on the farm
3 Mallard
4 Griffon Vulture
5 black vulture: a juvenile bird
6.Aguila Calzada: body light and dark
7 black Milano
8 Buzzard Honey Buzzard: several times
9 Feral Pigeon
10 Mourning Dove
11 European Tortola
12 Tortola Turkish
13 Autillo: I heard on the farm
14 Common Swift
15 Pallid Swift
16 Hoopoe
17 Kingfisher
19 Great Spotted Woodpecker
20 Pico Lowest
21 Lark Montesina
Crag Martin 22
23 martins
24 Swallow Daurica
25 Barn Swallow
26 Wagtail
27 Wren
28 Dipper: Garganta la Olla (the Piletillas)
29 Robin
30 Colirojo Blight
31 Stonechat
32 Common Blackbird
33 Blackcap
34 Sardinian Warbler
35 Whitethroat
36 Melodious Warbler
Iberian Chiffchaff 37: seen and heard
Tit 38
Tit 39
40 Myth
41 Nuthatch
42 Short-toed Treecreeper
Common 43.Alcaudón
44 Dartford
Black Crow 45
46 Cuervo
47 Jay
48 Starling Black
49 Oriole
50 Sparrow
51 Chaffinch
52 Common Linnet
53 Goldfinch
54 Common Greenfinch
55 Cirl


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